1964 Vox AC30

This amp had been modified with a stiffer power supply, a standby switch, and some strange value substitutions in the preamp.  I reverted the power supply to stock, removed the superfluous standby switch, and rewired the power cord for improved safety.  And although I believe this was originally an AC30 Bass, I reverted it to a stock "normal" circuit.  

With the amp set to 115V input, the filament voltage was over 15% too high, so I knocked it down for tube longevity and to reduce inrush current to the heaters.  I also replaced the cathode resistor in accordance with the B+ increase, rewired the power cord and fuse for reduced shock hazard, and added MOV protection.

Finally, I installed a set of NOS preamp and power tubes (Mullards and Saratovs) and threw in a Mullard GZ34 as well.

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