Airline 62-9027a

The chassis is labeled 62-9017a but the circuit is actually the 9027a Deluxe Professional.  This amp worked and sounded really good but it had no reverb.  It appears that the reverb circuitry was never installed.  In addition to installing a 3-prong cord and replacing all the electrolytic caps, I built the stock reverb circuit using an old Kustom surplus pan, which was the only pan with the right specs that would actually fit in the cab.  Surprisingly, the reverb is nice and lush with the tiny tank.

The previous tolex job was hideous - it was applied directly over the original covering with hundreds of staples.  I removed all the old tolex, ripped out the staples, filled in the dents and holes as best I could, and recovered the amp.  It's my first real tolex job and isn't perfect, but it looks much better than before.

It has two cathode biased 6L6 power amps, one for each speaker.  Lots of dimension to the tone.

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