Fender Blues Junior

Basically converted this amp into a Vox AC15 with a Top-Boost preamp.  So - yes, it's a total mess inside.  Also added an adjustable power regulator after the photos were taken, so the amp can be operated from full power down to less than 1W and everywhere in between.

Installed an old output transformer and choke I ripped from an organ amplifier.

Replaced the master with a Vox "cut" control, changed the output tubes to cathode bias, removed the negative feedback, and rebuilt the preamp - including the tone stack.  The first stage uses the two halves of the 12AX7 in parallel.  Mullard 7247 (12DW7) used as the DC coupled cathode follower.  

Sounds pretty good - but the cheap cabinet robs a lot of tone.  Weber P12Q speaker.

Visit media page for a video of this amp.

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