Peavey 5150 Combo


Hi Lowell,

I wanted to give you an update/feedback on my amp. It sounds great and I am very happy with it. It is more responsive, tighter, and has an improved tone on both channels, with no noise issues. It really makes me want to play it anytime I have a few spare minutes. My bandmates commented on the improvement and also said the hiss is a little less too before I could even ask. We practiced on Tues night, and played a short gig last night, so I was able to test it out. It was a responsive and sensitive amp before, and now even more, so there is NO hiding any mistakes or sloppy playing though.

- Chad.

Installed a choke to make the amp more like the Soldano it's a clone of.  And since the standby switch on these amps is a little strange, I installed a large resistor across the switch terminals to give the amp a "soft" startup.  

I also added a flyback diode across the choke to protect the switch and reduce popping.  

These amps tend to come over-biased from the factory, so I stuck a bias adjustment potentiometer in the amp for easy adjustment.

The amp didn't have any screen grid stoppers so I added a shared 470Ω stopper.

The rest of the mods were to the preamp and involved simple components substitutions to improve tone and reduce noise.

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