Traynor YGM-3

Had a short in the heater supply, and some burnt resistors in the power supply.  I replaced the electrolytic caps and power supply resistors, added a bias adjustment control, and threw some screen grid stoppers on the EL84s.

I also added a "hidden" presence control and took out some of the flabby bass.  I re-biased the phase inverter for a little more clean headroom, since this amp will need to keep up with a full band.  The owner uses pedals for dirt anyway.  Just a few tweaks - these amps really sound great stock.

The EL84s in the amp were toast so I stuck some late 70's Russian Military 6π14π tubes in it.  Also responded very well to a 60's Sylvania in V1 and a Raytheon black plate in the phase splitter position.

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